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InterSpread Plus

Interspread Plus Pro

Full working, Unlimited iterations water mark free version.
  • Unlimited use within an organisation.
  • The license fee is NZ$25,000/year. This includes a 5 day training course for up to 10 people in New Zealand or elsewhere if travel and accommodation costs are charged to the licensee.
  • Includes free support.
  • Free upgrades are supplied.
Please contact episoft@episoft.co.nz to request an Enterprise License version

Interspread Plus Demo

Same features as ISP Pro.

There is no license fee but use of the program is limited to one calendar year and non-commercial use. Support costs are charged at commercial rates and we recommend that users attend a 5 day training course charged at commercial rates.

A Demo version of the program can be downloaded from our web site : ISPDemo

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  ISP Demo ISP Pro
Windows 7/8/10 Compatibility
Limited Licence (1 Year)
Cost free

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